June 4th, 7:30pm~ @ M Event Space & Bar

Door open 6:30pm

Screening and Lounge

A program of young and cutting edge artists in M Event Space & Bar in a relaxed atmosphere!

An introduction on Hors Pistes Paris Selection.

Screening – International selection from PARIS


Intorno Allo zero, 4min, Italy, 2007, FLATFORM

A long sequence shot represents an urban structure, doubled by a mirror effect.  Platform creates a suspended, floating city.

Non si puo nullo contro il vento, 6min, Italy, 2012, FLATFORM

Scenery as you’ve never seen it before. Platform revisits the idea of depth of field. Countryside becomes a sunny abstraction.


Flatform is a group of artists founded in 2006 and based in Milan and Berlin. The group works on video and time based installations including mobile installations. Works by Flatform have been featured in several film festivals all over the world.

Cynopolis, 10min, France, 2012, Camille HENROT

Dogs wander in front of the pyramid of Saqqara. Men too.

The editing blurs any attempt to rank men and dogs.

Camille HENROT

Best-known for her videos and animated films combining drawn art, music and occasionally scratched or reworked cinematic images, Camille Henrot’s work blurs the traditionally hierarchical categories of art history. Her recent work, adapted into the diverse media of sculpture, drawing, photography and, as always, film, considers the fascination with the “other” and “elsewhere” in terms of both geography and sexuality.

Intelligent Design, 8min, England, 2009, Marcus COATES

All the charm of the mating season of the turtle.

Coates films the act of love, with all the slowness and stiffness of the bodies, a humorous counterpoint to the implicit Eros of the scene.

Morning mood, 3min, Germany, 2012, Mariana VASSILEVA

With the curious gaze of a voyeur or an urban anthropologist, Marina Vasileva observes bats and turns her camera to give them their full humanity.


Mariana Vassileva (born 1964) transforms still life and movement through visual representation into new energetic harmony.  She is not interested in the physical act of the movement, but in the mental process behind it.  In a minimal way, she transforms objects, situations and manners, and presents them in another reference on a lyrical level.  The spectator begins to appreciate the work through the emotional movement into a strangely represented world.  In this process, one is animated toward a heightened sensibility of daily variations.

Complet, 31min, France, 2012, Pascale BODET

“Paris, 2010. Workplace is changing; we are in the era of good-life, open space and flexible work time. The office, the workshop, etc. need to be friendly places, and privacy needs to be integrated with professional life. “

“Complet” is a series of 6 stories, “cruel little dramas”, taking place in the professional world of fashion.

Pascale Bodet uses a clearly fragmented narrative and a style mixing burlesque with a documentary tone, to almost scientifically examine those times when work situations skid, where the real grips, each time for a similar reason: integration has its failures.

Pascale BODET

Pascale Bodet has made several underground long feature films. She was also a film critic and the collaborator of Serge Bozon. 6-Piece Suitwas produced by the G.R.E.C. She is now making a documentary film about clams’fishermen.

Q&A with Sylvie PRAS (Pompidou Center, Les Cinemas) and Geraldine GOMEZ (Pompidou Center, Hors Pistes Director)

with Hiroshi EGA (writer), moderated by Antonin GAULTIER (Editor)


and lounge time!

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COAT-DAIKANYAMA B1, 1-33-18 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-6416-1739


Organized by: Centre Pompidou, Hors Pistes Tokyo 2012

In collaboration with: Mugenkai Communication, M Event Space & Bar

Support: Pola Art Foundation, The Asahi Shimbun Foundation