Hors Pistes Tokyo selection


Tokyo Discoveries I

Date: 6/21
Time: 16:30-18:00
venue: Uplink
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A showcase of young directors in Japan. Although different in aesthetics and structure, the films look into contemporary Japan.


(Spain, 2013)
Dir. Pedro Collantes
15 min

A young boy meets his friend’s mother, bringing back memories…

Born in Madrid, Pedro Collantes studied a master at the Netherlands Film Academy.
He has worked as an editor in Spain, Belgium and Norway.
His short films have been selected in numerous international film festivals, including Rotterdam IFFR, Uppsala, Encounters or Palm
Springs. His work has received several awards, it has been shown on TV in Spain, Germany and Sweden, as well as screened in theaters in Spain and the Netherlands.


Desktop treasure
(Japan, 2014)
9 min

A dreamy look at a Tokyo girl’s hidden desktop.



My mother’s name – Discovery edition
(Japan 2013)
Dir. Mariko Sugihara
14 min

A video portrait of a Filipino mother.


Importence+ Meteorite
Dir. Omoi Sasaki

The huge asteroid which hurtled close to the Earth in 2013 continued its unpredictable flight path. A man had been incapable of making love to his wife for years. Will we, who have been sapped of all confidence, be able to rise to the occasion again? Stronger, harder, facing the heavens…



Dir. Ryota Hamasaki



timeless video: 1/100 times 100
Dir. Shuhei Nishiyama

Image and sound are cut up into pieces and reconstructed. Compressed visual and auditory information is overflowing, but it’s not noise or error. That is representation of the real world by the medium of video. In this work, we meet things in the world perceiving by the logic of video again and face the way of our perception at the same time.


The video simply projects three times
Dir. HAN Sung Nam

This single channel quotes “Tout disparaîtra” by André Pieyre de
Mandiargues which story is set in Paris. One long scene is screened by
three times.
This work aims to be considered ‘time’ and ‘language.’ Sung Nam HAN
expresses the expanded screening by non-ordinary way.



About a Theological Situation in the Society of Spectacle
Dir. Masayuki Kawai


Hymne À Xochipilli/ du Japon
Dir. Kentaro TAKI

A sonic poetry reading. The performer’s voice echoes into the theater against innumerable information/images being flooded in urban space in Tokyo. An homage to Maurice Lemaitre, artist/filmmaker of Lettrisme.



Tokyo discoveries II

Date: 6/22
Time: 11:00-13:00
Venue: Institut Français du Japon – Tokyo
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(USA, 2013)
Dir. Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez
120 min

High above Nepal, a cable car transports visitors to an ancient Hindu temple.
A one-of-a-kind documentary, Manakamana is a sensory experience. Get ready for a beautiful journey.

Stephanie Spray is a filmmaker, phonographer, and anthropologist who has been working at the Sensory Ethnography Laboratory at Harvard University since 2006. Her work exploits different media to explore the confluence of social aesthetics and art in everyday life. Since 1999, she has spent much of her time in Nepal, roaming in its mountains; studying its music, religion, and language; and making films.

Pacho Velez’s work sits at the intersection of ethnography, structuralism, and political documentary. Though shot in different countries, using distinct formal strategies, his films share a preoccupation with local responses to broad changes wrought by globalization.