June 4 (Sat) WORKSHOP : CREATION of HORS PISTES COLLECTION x OPENING NIGHT at M EVENT SPACE & BAR Art & Fashion workshop: ANDREA CREWS (from Paris) x Yoruko Banzai x Tomodachi Calling 4 hours to create the “Hors Pistes” collection. Painting, drawing, sewing American Apparel clothes. Ft. Andrea Crews (Maroussia & Anji) & BANZAI in collaboration with: American Apparel & Tomodachi Calling Entrance: FREE WANTED: Everyone is welcome to participate in the workshop! *the best pieces of the collection will be sold via Tomodachi Calling’s webshop for Japan Earthquake relief 15:00-19:00: Workshop: live creation of a Hors Pistes Tokyo collection with Yoruko Banzai       22:30~ : Hors Pistes TokyoPerformance & Opening Party with Andrea Crews, BANZAI & RDV (from France) DJs: David Dicembre (combine), Kiccio (combine), Julien Sato (MGKC)
Live set: Yasuharu Motomiya
LIVE: Coppe
      June 5 (Sun) WORKSHOP : ANDREA CREWS CASTING & EXTREME STYLING x LOUNGE @ M Event Space & Bar Art & Fashion workshop: Andrea Crews (from Paris) x American Apparel 17:00-20:00 Workshop: Extreme styling, Andrea Crews Casting with American Apparel, photoshoots & lounge Andrea Crews Casting with American Apparel, Photo Shoots & Lounge Party with: Andrea Crews (Maroussia & Anji) in collaboration with: American Apparel & Tomodachi Calling Entrance: FREE WANTED: Cast! Everyone is welcome to take part at this event, let’s come and mix your own “Andrea Crews style” with Andrea Crews and American Apparel clothes! 20:00-: Lounge at M Event Space & Bar         June 6 (Mon) Screening: International Works Selection(from Paris)@ UPLINK Factory 19:00- 「Puppetboy」by Johannes Nyholm Sweden|2008|26’|video 「Noé」by Pauline Julier Switzerland|2010|22’|video * 20:30- 「Because We Are Visual」by Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes Belgium|2010|47’|video* 「A Letter to Uncle Boonmee」by Apitchapong Weerasethakul Thailand/UK/Germany|2009|18’|video *     June 7 (Tue) Screening: International Works Selection(from Paris)@ UPLINK Factory 19:00- 「Kill the Ego」by Soundwalk & Rostarr US|2008|40′ |video * 「In Free Fall」By Hito Steyerl Austria|2010|32’|video 20:30- 「Helpless Stones」by Takuya Dairiki & Takashi Miura Japan|2010|61’|video* (& talk with the filmmakers -)     June 8 (Wed) @ UPLINK Factory Screening: Japanese Works Selection   19:00- Japanese Selection Program 1 (61′) Junk(1962, 12′, 16mm)Takahiko Iimura Kannawa(2010, 6′, video)Kentaro Taki The Figure in the Future(2011, 10′, video)Shuhei Nishiyama Possession(2011, 12′, video)Yusuke Ishida Machiko Rolled by a Man, Dust Blown by the Wind(2009, 17′, video)Akiko Nakamura       20:30- Japanese Selection Program 2 (63′) Ai (LOVE)(1962, 10′, 16mm)Takahiko Iimura Desertion(2011, 10′, video)Ryota Hamasaki Lola – What Loreley Wanted to Speak(2010, 11, video)Aki Nakazawa PASSINNG – ALL IS NOTHING(2010, 10′ video)Keiji Aiuchi IN/OUT(2009, 8. video)Masayuki Kawai Aurora on the Palm(2010, 14′, 8mm & video)Hajime Kawaguchi   June 9 (Thurs) 19:00 open / 19:30 start Movie Live Performance Night @ SuperDeluxe 六本木 SuperDeluxe に、映像ライブパフォーマンスが一夜集結!演劇、ヴィデオアート、VJのジャンルを超えて、気鋭のアーティストたちが競演!いま生まれつつある「ナマ」の映像を発見しよう! Artists: Leo Pellegatta x Mori-Shige x Naoto Yamagishi /Yasunori Ikunishi x Yasunori Kakegawa x Kuknacke x Ikeda Nobu x Momoko Shimada/Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamasaki/ Kentaro Taki/ Yudayajazz/DJ Beermike       June 10 (Fri) Screening: International Works Selection(from Paris) 会場:M Event Space & Bar 19:00- The Exception and the Rule by Karen Mirza & Brad Butler UK/India/Pakistan|2009|37’|video,オ Noé by Pauline Julier *         20:30- Kill the Ego * + A Letter to Uncle Boonmee *         June 11 (Sat) @ M Event Space & Bar SYMPOSIUM & SCREENINGS x «CARTE BLANCHE» to MUGENKAI COMMUNICATION: VJ PARTY Panelists:Nobuhiro Suwa (film director), Takashi Homma (photographer), Geraldine Gomez (Hors Pistes director from Centre Pompidou, tbc), Masayuki Kawai (video artist)  

Takashi Homma

18:30 : Screenings (Works of Nobuhiro Suwa, Takashi Homma, Masayuki Kawai) Takashi Homma 「Trails」(15min) 「Short Hope」(2min x Loop) Nobuhiro Suwa 「Hiroshima mon amour」(46min) Masayuki Kawai 「J’ai vu」(20min) 20:30 :SymposiumOn the Strength and Weakness of Image  


22:30 ~5:00: «A Carte Blanche to Mugenkai Communication» VJ Party Visual performances: Masato Tsutsui, Onnacodomo, Rokapenis, 凸ぴちゃ凹 -deco picha boco
DJs: 白鳥ネパールマン (phaseworks), Jelomu, eli walks
Installation by: LUFTZUG
          June 12 (Sun) @ M Event Space & Bar SCREENINGS x CLOSING EVENT: «MORE FREE STYLE!»   Screening: International Works Selection(from Paris)   16:00- Because We Are Visual* 17:30- Helpless Stones *                 19:00 : Closing Event – More Free Style! with Stephane de Medeiros, Sung Nam Han, Kubota Yasuyuki & Sebastian Mayer, Leo Pellegatta x Naoto Yamagishi x Miya and more! (free)                 * Screened twice