Hors Pistes Kyoto For freedom in film, all you need is love

Festival of film, performance and sound opens

Schedule June 17~21, 2015

It began ten years ago at the Pompidou Centre in Paris: the film festival “Hors Pistes” will this year be taking place for the first time in Kyoto. This festival “Hors Pistes” (Eng: off the track) brings together films from off the beaten track, films which do not fit into any the countless existing festivals. It has received worldwide attention for creating a “new dimension” of film festival. Over the past ten years, “Hors Pistes” has traveled from Paris to Tokyo to São Paulo, and again from Tokyo to other locations in Asia, connecting the world through film, performance and music. Beginning some four years before coming to Kyoto, “Hors Pistes Tokyo” has exported many of Japan’s most exciting films to art scenes around the world, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), the audiovisual festival WSK in Manila, and Taipei’s TAM TAM ART. In addition to this, the long awaited “Hors Pistes Kyoto” will be providing a programme which directly connects West Japan to the rest of the world, in not only taking submissions and a selection from Paris, but also holding screenings, performances and exhibitions of special entries concerning themselves with the future of film and art. These will take place at the Institut français Kyoto Cinema, Kambaikan Hardy Hall (Doshisha University) and MORI YU GALLERY.

Program Schedule


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